Waste Management Facility Operations Support

The ongoing operations support and management (OS&M) of your landfill or transfer facility is just as important to you as the engineering, design and permitting. CEC can be your trusted partner for both.

CEC provides OS&M assistance in areas that are critical in allowing you to operate a profitable yet efficient and environmentally compliant site that maintains a good working relationship with surrounding municipalities and their residents. Our services include:

Density and Airspace Management

Because landfills are a limited commodity, the designed available airspace for waste placement should be managed and closely monitored. Failure to maximize in-place waste density results in a loss of capacity, reducing revenue and increasing costs associated with developing additional usable acreage.

CEC works with landfill owner/operators to review current achieved density, identify opportunities for improvement and implement corrective action plans. This is achieved by focusing on equipment selection, operating techniques and cover soil consumption for daily and intermediate cover.

Heavy Equipment Repair and Maintenance

CEC understands the challenge of maintaining $750,000 machines under some of the harshest conditions that exist. Quality preventive maintenance becomes a critical component in keeping R&M costs low and equipment availability and utilization high. CEC works closely with you to develop a practical, quality preventive maintenance program, that includes identifying any gaps that exist in your current procedures.

Our corrective action plans include equipment maintenance checklists for scheduled services, mechanic and operator maintenance training, implementation of cost-tracking and repair history software, contamination control practices and an undercarriage management program. Additionally, we can implement advanced fleet management technology that may minimize your cost of operation and maximize availability. If major repair is necessary, CEC will review repair quotes and invoices to ensure that recommended repairs are required, necessary and of fair value.

Facility Access

Access to the working face is a critical step in the unloading of waste from customer vehicles, while access to the borrow area or stockpile for daily cover activities is equally as important during all types of weather conditions.

CEC evaluates haul roads and turn-around areas throughout the site to ensure all-weather safe accessibility. Recommendations for improvement will result in improved turn times for customer vehicles ultimately providing additional capacity for each route vehicle.

Fill Sequencing and Lift Progression Planning

Your approved fill sequencing plan, describing which cells will be constructed first and how development will progress, is part of your landfill’s operating permit. What you may have overlooked is how each lift within the cell will proceed. CEC provides training on how to establish lift height and utilize control points to assist with maintaining grade. Maintaining a proper grade will help to avoid problems that result from poor or absent fill progression planning and management such as the costly leachate generation that results from storm water run-on and run-off, the costly veneer filling necessary to recapture areas that are underfilled or expensive waste relocation projects necessitated by overfilling.

CEC performs a complete fill sequencing review and then works with and trains site managers and staff on proper lift management and the risks of poor planning.

Operator Training

Landfills and transfer stations are challenging environments for a heavy equipment operator who is often working around customers and customer vehicles on steep slopes in all types of weather conditions around the clock.

CEC has skilled operator trainers that provide training for heavy equipment operators, focusing on maintenance, safe operating practices and machine limitations. The training, which includes an operator training manual, covers most all types of machinery operated at a waste management facility including compactors, bulldozers, excavators, articulated dump trucks, loaders, scrapers, and motor graders.

Good Neighbor Review

Landfills are often in the spotlight, especially as communities grow and encroach on landfill facilities. CEC understands the need to maintain a professional looking facility by focusing on proper processes to manage potential site nuisances.

CEC performs a complete review of nuisance-related areas like litter control, dust and mud tracking, site aesthetics, noise impact, odor and storm water runoff. Recommendations for improvement will be made and implementation assistance provided to maintain the highest quality standards.