Landfill Gas Management Systems

Many solid waste landfills are required to have gas collection and control systems (GCCS) which must be operated in accordance with the New Source Performance Standards for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (NSPS). CEC is uniquely qualified to perform GCCS services due to our industry perspective; focus on communication, problem solving and compliance; and additional "value added" services we can provide.

CEC is a leader in the design, permitting and development of next generation landfill gas recovery and beneficial use projects. CEC's areas of expertise include gas yield analysis, recovery system design, beneficial use analyses and recovery/processing system design, construction management and operation.

CEC's focus in the area of beneficial use of landfill gas is identifying the highest and best use for recovered landfill gas. CEC's goal is to provide stable and long lasting energy recovery solutions for host facilities. In coordination with our technology partners, CEC has led the way for innovative landfill gas utilization projects including conversion to vehicle fuel, delivery to high BTU pipelines, use as chemical feedstocks for the production of methanol and related hydrocarbons and generation of electrical energy including use of microturbines and similar net metering systems.

Consistent with our outlook on landfill gas utilization, CEC provides our clients with the expertise necessary to ensure that gas collection systems not only fulfill mandatory emission requirements, but also allow for development of gas utilization projects in the future. CEC's experience in the area of landfill gas processing and purification provide us with the knowledge necessary to offer critical design and cost guidance relative to collection system design and management.

CEC's accomplishments in the area of beneficial landfill gas use include design, permitting and construction management of the nation's first compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fueling center supplied solely from landfill gas. In addition, CEC successfully negotiated and obtained complex permits for the nation's first methanol production facility which utilized landfill gas as a single source feedstock. These are but two examples of CEC's forward looking stance on landfill gas utilization.

CEC can provide a complete suite of professional services for landfill gas collection, control and recovery including: