Management of Coal Combustion Products (CCP)

CEC staff have over 20 years of experience assisting our clients in the power industry with CCP management strategies. Our experts produce cost effective solutions while adeptly managing risk.

CEC offers a full range of environmental consulting services.

As coal-fired power plants continue to produce large volumes of CCPs, including bottom ash, fly ash, slag, and FGD by-products, it remains important to develop solutions that balance environmental regulations with responsible actions.

Our team of senior professionals combines their significant experience and knowledge of numerous CCP disposal and beneficial reuse projects to develop industry-leading project teams. With offices located throughout the United States, CEC has an established knowledge base of disposal and beneficial reuse of CCPs.

We are able to address all aspects of management from disposal through reuse for the full spectrum of CCPs including fly ash, bottom ash, slag, FGD by-products, wood ash, and other regulated and reuse products including wallboard grade gypsum. Our technical staff are recognized as industry leaders for CCP management in the power generation sector. We have a diverse background in working with our utility clients in all aspects of environmental engineering, waste facility design, siting and permitting, water resource management, ecological permitting including wetlands delineation, and quality assurance.

Our CCP managment services include