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Whether already defined or yet to be, the highest and best use of real estate is achieved by identifying each site and/or facility's unique conditions and constraints using accurate, unbiased and informed analysis. Access to an industry expert with a full complement of evaluation, design, technical and regulatory insight allows for a more precise and promising plan, ultimately increasing your market competitiveness, asset appreciation and valued return on investment.

CEC draws from more than 20 years of service to the institutional, residential and commercial real estate industries. We deliver environmentally-conscious integrated design and experienced consulting services to owners, facility managers, developers and architects at all points in a property's life cycle.

Our broad range of industry-specific services includes:

CEC's multi-disciplined abilities in the commercial, residential and institutional real estate industries have resulted in the successful completion of a wide range of projects. CEC has specific industry-related expertise in the following:


Identifying potential liabilities prior to acquisition, divestiture, or investment of real estate or facilities requires precise and reliable data. Selecting the right location enhances competitive advantages via improved operations, reduced costs and improved market access. CEC's team of landscape architects, civil engineers and consultants are specialists in site planning and evaluation, utility evaluation, site condition assessments, due-diligence and quality-of-development evaluations that yield superior analysis and innovative results.


CEC provides integrated site development design, permitting and construction through landscape architecture and civil and environmental consulting services while assisting developers, architects, retailers and private industry with the development of cost-effective and innovative solutions for corporate campuses, office and industrial parks, regional shopping centers, healthcare and institutional facilities, schools and commercial site developments.


Companies have the opportunity to gain efficiencies by evaluating their real estate holdings through portfolio optimization. Evaluating where and how a company's real estate facilities are located, existing buildings' conditions, land/facility optimization, project maintenance and operating costs, energy audits and assessing the latest regulatory implications can affect an asset's performance.

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