Tightening regulations are leading the industry to consider costly operational changes, such as installing additional air pollution control systems, retrofitting from coal to natural gas, or decommissioning stations altogether. As the industry strives to maintain service reliability, respond to societal demands for cleaner energy, and comply with complex state and federal regulations, facility owners will be seeking opportunities to improve fiscal performance and reduce potential liabilities.

Whether supporting normal operations or strategizing for impending changes, CEC has worked closely with the electric utilities industry for more than 20 years, providing a diverse scope of services including civil, geotechnical, and environmental engineering; waste management; and ecological and environmental science consulting. Specific services include:

CEC's multi-discipline abilities have resulted in the successful completion of a wide range of projects. Specific CEC electric utilities project experience includes the following:


CEC's scientists and engineers understand the complex regulatory environment that station operators navigate every day. In addition to helping to manage day-to-day compliance, we have developed and implemented strategies to reduce risk, optimize performance and reduce costs associated with fossil-fuel, nuclear and renewable power generation.


Regardless of how it is generated, electricity needs to reach the end user via transmission corridors. CEC has played a key role in the routing of nearly 200 miles of 500 kV transmission line rights of way. Threatened and endangered species as well as wetlands, streams, and other sensitive populations can be successfully circumnavigated with the survey and planning services we provide.


CEC has decommissioned coal-fired power plants, providing assistance with the demolition planning, permitting, characterization and management of waste materials, and onsite management of demolition contractors. CEC also has been instrumental in the remediation of manufactured gas plants for which CEC designed and implemented site remediation programs, perimeter air monitoring studies, and human health risk evaluations.

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