Obtaining permits for new mines or major expansions is tougher and more expensive than ever. Renewals bring stricter effluent and emission limits, and enforcement agencies are cracking down on compliance. The industry is challenged with managing vast amounts of environmental data and implementing systems to formalize environmental compliance programs. Engaging a reliable partner with diversified expertise helps companies meet requirements while continuing operations and investing in new projects.

CEC has successfully integrated civil and geotechnical engineering design with ecological and environmental concerns to offer a full suite of services that benefit all sectors of the mining industry. These specific service areas include:





Water Resources

CEC's multi-disciplined approach to mining industry consulting has led to the successful completion of a wide range of projects within the coal, aggregates and hard-rock mining industries — from design and permitting of refuse disposal areas, to water treatment studies, to assessing ecological resource impacts due to longwall mining. Specific CEC mining-related project experience includes the following:

Design and Permitting of Surface Facilities — CEC has completed permitting and design services for mining-related surface facilities such as portals, processing plants, and transportation facilities. CEC's projects have included Section 401 and 404 permitting, NPDES permitting, SMCRA permitting, and air quality permitting.

Ecological Monitoring — CEC evaluates the possible effects of mining on streams and wetlands and designs plans to mitigate those impacts. Projects have involved wetland and stream delineations, biological and water quality sampling and testing, and forested/non-forested habitat assessments related to Indiana bat suitability. Specific endangered species studies for Indiana bats have involved presence/absence mist net surveys, radio telemetry, and documentation of foraging areas, travel corridors, and nightly flight patterns.

Refuse/Tailings Disposal and Dam Permitting — CEC has performed pre-development investigations, detailed geotechnical design, and hydrologic evaluations for fills and impoundments. Projects have included performing specialized engineering analyses, such as seismic hazard assessments and permanent deformation analyses, seepage and stability analyses, dam permitting and breach analyses, MSHA and SMCRA permitting, and preparation of emergency action plans.

Surveying — CEC uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to provide a full range of surveying and geomatics services. CEC maintains an array of survey equipment, including RTK and static GPS, robotic and manual Total Stations, automatic and digital levels, and data collectors for conventional survey. CEC also utilizes small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), terrestrial LiDAR scanners, and manned or remote-controlled bathymetric/hydrographic workboats.

Water Handling and Treatment — CEC assists with the handling and treatment of water discharge from mining operations. This includes collecting water quality/quantity data, performing water balances, hydrologic modeling, water quality impact assessments, and evaluating supply and disposal alternatives. CEC has also provided the complete menu of environmental and engineering services needed for the design and construction of many types of mine water treatment facilities.

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