Manufacturers often face challenges as diverse as the industry itself: pricing pressures and global competition, in addition to business complexities and delivery of product to customer and market. From selecting or acquiring a site to maintaining compliance in today's regulatory environment, finding a partner with expertise in a complete range of engineering and environmental services will maximize a manufacturer's ability to focus on the primary objectives: low cost, production efficiency and increasing market share.

CEC starts with a commitment to understand the specific needs of manufacturers and applies sound science and practical engineering principles to help successfully acquire, develop, operate, and manage their facility assets. CEC's client-focused consulting and engineering support is provided in a knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient manner across a broad range of disciplines and services, including:

CEC's multi-disciplinary approach to the needs of manufacturers and owners of industrial real estate and facilities has resulted in a wide range of projects and in-depth industry-related expertise with:


CEC actively monitors the complex and changing regulatory environments, which require owners and operators to permit, record, report, and retain compliance and maintenance documents, training records, contingency plans, analytical data, manifests, and much more. Upstream and downstream links in your supply chain may require conformance with ISO or other industry specifications while internal corporate policies and procedures must also be met. CEC takes on the paperwork, enabling businesses to focus on producing goods profitably and efficiently.


Evolving regulatory requirements and best management practices require businesses to design modifications, engineer controls, and install equipment to protect people and the environment from excessive exposure. When accidents do happen, the extent of contamination may need to be delineated and remedial designs may need to be developed and implemented. CEC's engineers and scientists understand these challenges and are able to develop solutions to reduce risk, maintain compliance and facilitate continued operations.

Facility and Asset Management

CEC helps companies navigate zoning, geotechnical, logistical, and regulatory criteria for greenfield, brownfield and existing sites. CEC provides due diligence, site selection, and environmental engineering services to support strategic property acquisitions, as well as the ongoing management of property assets, including disposition and decommissioning. If the time comes to cease operations, CEC will be there to assess, contain, or remediate sites and reduce legacy liabilities.

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