Site Selection and Due Diligence Services

CEC offers Due Diligence Services for Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Transactions. Clients who are planning to sell, purchase, or refinance commercial or industrial property should be interested in identifying and quantifying liabilities.

preliminary site assessments

A property with potential liabilities may be subject to reduced value and lower than anticipated profits from having to remedy the liabilities, lower than expected rental rates due to poor property quality, or the inability to dispose of or lease the property because of lack of clear title and other legacy problems. The ability to effectively manage these liabilities depends upon the early identification of the problem. CEC's due diligence services are designed to meet that need.

We offer Environmental Transaction Screens, Phase I/Phase II Environmental Assessments, Property Condition Assessments, Wetland Assessments/Delineations, and Boundary/ALTA/ACSM Surveys. Any combination of these services can be provided and the results used as vital components of your investment and finance decision-making process.

At the beginning of a project, we attempt to understand your risk tolerance, schedule and cost limits, and we perform our work accordingly, notifying you along the way of our progress and, most importantly, inform you of any concerns we identify early in the process.

Transaction Screens and Phase I/II Environmental Assessments

CEC performs over 500 environmental assessments a year. Our assessments are designed for the user and can be tailored to meet general industry, ASTM and/or lender standards. Our projects are performed and managed by project managers who have a B.S. degree and a minimum of ten years of environmental experience. All projects are supervised by the principal members of the firm.

Property Condition Assessments

CEC's PCAs are provided by a team of multi-discipline professionals who perform a
thorough evaluation of buildings and ancillary areas. Baseline PCAs are general in nature and designed to identify significant problems with an associated high cost of repair. Detailed PCAs comply with ASTM and/or Standard and Poor's standards and are more comprehensive. The findings can be used for establishing building repairs or maintenance schedules.

Wetland Assessments and Delineations

CECs ecological staff addresses and solves jurisdictional wetland issues associated with land development and environmental projects. We have extensive project experience dealing with the regulatory agencies on wetland identifications, delineations, state/federal permitting, and mitigation design.

Surveying Services

CEC offers teams of qualified surveyors to provide topographic, boundary, utility, and global positioning surveys. Our surveyors have combined experience exceeding 150 years. Users/purchasers of our services include buyers, sellers, developers, lenders, large financial institutions and conduits, attorneys, and local development authorities.