CEC's Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD)

CEC requires all chemical laboratories to provide data in EDD format. This page provides information and tools for properly preparing EDDs to meet CEC's requirements.

We are currently using EDD version 1.3.

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EDD Guidance Document Adobe Acrobat file Manual for generation of EDDs, instructions for use of verification software, common problems.
blankfile.txt Otherwise empty data file with required header row. May be used as a starting point for creating an EDD file.
verifier.zip Software for testing EDDs before submission to CEC, version 1.0. Unzip and run setup.exe to install.
Requires a PC equipped with Windows 2000/ XP or higher and Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0.
hellfile.txt This little file contains nothing but errors! Use it to test your verifier installation.
USEPA EDD Valid Values EPA's Valid Values table should be used for assigning parameter codes when analyses do not correspond to specific CAS numbers.
CAS Number Lookup From independent provider. Provided for reference only. CEC is not responsible for content or accuracy.