Ecological Services

We understand the impact more stringent federal and state regulations regarding the protection of ecosystems have on the feasibility, economics and timely completion of projects. Our Ecological Services Group includes biologists, agronomists, ecologists, scientists and risk assessment specialists to address the variety of needs facing our clients.

terrestrial and aquatic ecological services

The CEC Ecological Services Group uses a sequential approach to addressing and solving natural resource issues. This methodology has produced positive and timely results for our clients. Our senior leadership understands the regulatory climate and sensitive nature of working in and around ecosystems and develops solutions that balance science and business requirements. Our services start at the initial planning and evaluation phase, continue through risk assessment and mitigation planning, and include authorizations and permitting. In addition, our team of terrestrial, aquatic and wetlands experts work with developers, utilities, mining companies, manufacturers, industry and government and municipal agencies to help them meet their regulatory commitments. Our team also supports the development of parks, trails and recreational areas.

CEC ecological specialists understand that wetlands delineations are critical to balancing project requirements with the recognition that countless species of plants and animals are dependent on wetlands for their survival. Additionally, our specialists support our clients through the performance of bat surveys, fisheries and freshwater mussel studies, invasive plant control, benthic macroinvertebrate studies, stream habitat mapping and phytoremediation.

Our team diligently follows, understands and interprets the ever-shifting regulations and newly emerging scientific advances that affect these areas of our practice.

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