Terrestrial Ecology

CEC has provided ecological services for numerous clients across the country. Our services have been provided to site developers, landfills, municipalities, industrial, mining, and utility clients, transportation entities, and law firms. CEC biologists have extensive experience in the functional assessment of terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

benthic macroinvertibrate sampling

Our staff includes professional wetland specialists, biologists, ecologists, environmental scientists, agronomist, GIS specialists, certified divers, oceanographer, and wildlife scientists. These scientists' have perform terrestrial assessments for alternative analyses and as part of environmental remediation projects.

We can offer staff who are trained in and are familiar with the USFWS' Habitat Evaluation Procedure (HEP), Pennsylvania Modified Habitat Evaluation Procedure (PAMHEP) and West Virginia's Habitat Evaluation Procedure (WVHEP).

Our terrestrial ecology services include