Geographic Information Systems

Georeferenced field data, when integrated with graphic information that is compiled and presented in a geographic information system (GIS), creates a powerful decision-making tool that can be used for larger projects. This type of tool is often very effective when communicating a project purpose, project description, or alternatives to regulators or the public.

CEC's professional staff can combine traditional civil engineering, environmental compliance, and ecological services with advanced GIS software. GIS supports CEC's environmental and biological services by integrating GIS, GPS, and satellite imagery services.

GIS provides CEC's clients with a powerful tool for a variety of applications for public and private organizations. This technology also allows us to manage information on soil, groundwater, utilities, property ownership, mining conditions, environmental contamination, topography, land use, and many, many other types of information. Information can be managed to the geographic distribution of combinations of conditions, and can allow development of a wide variety of presentation formats.

Our implementations can involve:

Combined with our surveying services, environmental management systems, site assessment experience and civil/municipal engineering capabilities, GIS provides a wide range of options for managing and presenting information.