Traffic Engineering Services

CEC has extensive experience in all aspects of traffic engineering from the collection and analysis of data to the preparation of traffic/transportation studies and occupancy permits for access to state and local roadways.

CEC’s traffic engineers have wide-ranging knowledge of State and Local requirements, as well as extensive experience with public presentations and providing expert testimony. Whether evaluating an isolated intersection or a congested corridor, determining the impacts of newly proposed development, or analyzing deficiencies in the existing transportation system, CEC conducts traffic engineering studies that form the basis for sound and informed decision-making.

CEC is able to provide due diligence studies, including Feasibility Studies and Alternatives Analyses, at the onset of site selection.

Always with consideration for the safety of the motoring public, CEC provides thorough and detailed analyses of existing and future projected traffic conditions and develops cost-effective, practical solutions for individual property owners, architects, engineers, commercial developers, institutions, and public agencies. These services include:

When combined, these services form the basis of a full Development Impact Study.

Additional Studies

Upon completion of the study phase, CEC can provide additional traffic services in the form of:

Municipal Traffic Services

Local municipalities may require additional services to assist in transportation planning and funding options or to address problems specific to local roadways. CEC services uniquely tailored to municipal clients include: