Geotechnical Engineering

CEC offers a complete range of geotechnical engineering, soils analysis, and field testing services to industry, architects, developers, and contractors. We perform geotechnical investigations to determine foundation design parameters, investigate mine subsidence, develop site grading requirements, and design pavements. CEC also analyzes the stability of embankments and slopes, and designs methods to retain earth and rock materials.

CEC offers a complete range of geotechnical investigation, analysis, design, and field testing services. CEC's staff of geotechnical engineers and geologists has experience performing geotechnical investigations and designs for many types of projects, including:

CEC's knowledge is reinforced by our staff’s extensive experience and complemented by the latest computer hardware and software for data analysis, project management, logging, engineering design, and cost control. This enables us to develop a precise understanding of current conditions and to simulate proposed conditions. In addition, the entire organization is supported with computer-aided drafting and color graphics capabilities. Our comprehensive geotechnical services include: