Construction-Phase Services

The trained professionals, technicians, and inspectors at CEC combine extensive experience with state-of-the-art field equipment to complete construction phase services for a wide range of civil, geotechnical, environmental, and waste management projects.

CEC routinely monitors the construction of large earthmoving projects, mine grouting programs, the installation of erosion control measures, landslide corrective actions, environmental remediation projects, geosynthetic installation, landfill closures, and building construction.

Construction Phase Services

IBC Special Inspections

CEC provides Special Inspections during building construction as required by Chapter 17 of the International Building Code (IBC). The code requires the firm performing Special Inspections to be retained by the owner or design professional, not the contractor. CEC typically provides testing of soils, concrete, masonry, steel, and fire proofing. CEC’s technicians are certified by numerous testing organizations including ACI, NICET, AWS, and ICC.

Environmental Related Monitoring

CEC provides services during the remedial action phase of UST and waste/contaminated material removal projects and has directed and monitored the installation of groundwater extraction and treatment systems and soil venting systems. Professionals include AHERA-certified asbestos inspectors who can monitor removal of asbestos-containing materials. CEC technicians also perform air monitoring during construction to allow contractors to assess on-site personnel protection requirements.

Waste Management CQA

CEC provides CQA services during the construction and closure of waste management facilities. CEC reviews material testing reports, monitors placement of earth materials and geosynthetics, and evaluates field test results from geosynthetic installations while compiling the information for the construction certification report, sealed by a CEC registered professional engineer and prepared for submittal to environmental agencies.

Construction Management

CEC provides complete construction management services beginning with the bidding process and through to project closeout. CEC develops bid documents, solicits and evaluates bids, and negotiates contracts for site development, environmental remediation and other projects. During construction, CEC oversees contractor activities with site supervision and helps meet the specifications and schedule requirements.