Water Quality Analysis

The task of improving the water quality for our nation's rivers and streams has been pushed down to the local level. The design community must be able to step up and tackle tough stream and site situations.

CEC offers a full range of environmental consulting services.

Understanding existing and future water quality and pollutant loadings generated from a landscape is an integral part of a watershed management plan, allowing policy makers the ability to make informed decisions regarding the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to ensure that water quality standards are being met or that streams are not being degraded.

CEC is able to provide water quality analyses of both point and non-point source pollution for municipalities and watershed groups. Through the use of monitoring and modeling, CEC can identify sensitive regions within a watershed, provide recommendations for improving water quality, and assist in implementing solutions for pollution reduction.

This approach benefits watershed stakeholders by proving an inventory of existing environmental conditions and provides data to policy makers interested in applying for grants associated with environmental impact reductions.