Stream Assessment and Restoration

CEC staff brings together a variety of disciplines capable of addressing multiple goals in watershed planning projects. CEC's experts have experience in performing watershed assessments, developing restoration plans, designing restoration practices, and the technical and research aspects of these projects.

CEC offers a full range of environmental consulting services.

Our field staff are trained and experienced in stream assessments, having performed EPA's Rapid Bioassessment Protocol, the Maryland Stream Corridor Assessment Survey and the NRCS Stream Visual Assessment Survey. The data collected in these stream surveys establishes the baseline conditions and identifies restoration opportunities for a stream. Our staff of knowledgeable biologists, engineers and geomorphologists can design a stream restoration plan that is realistic, given the pressures the stream is incurring.

Our restoration plan goal is to develop a stable and natural stream system. To this end, we must understand the online and offline landuses that are affecting the stream. Our staff are knowledgeable at aerial photography interpretation, water quality data collection and monitoring results evaluation, and stream survey interpretation.

We develop restoration plans that are cost-effective and feasible given the constraints of the project. For instream restoration, we focus on bioengineered streambank stabilization practices, made up of hard armoring and vegetation.