Groundwater is the source of drinking water to over 150 million residents and is the source for much of the irrigation water throughout the agricultural regions of the US. It is the primary source of drinking water for nearly all of the rural populations, as well as for some of our largest Metropolitan areas. Well production rate, groundwater quality and long-term yield are key factors in developing and managing groundwater supplies, and each supply is dependent on location-specific hydrogeology and aquifer characteristics.

To obtain the best yield and water quality, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. assists its clients by developing regional water resource plans, prioritizing well development, analyzing well spacing and well impact limitations, conducting in-depth hydrogeologic analyses, and employing innovative investigative techniques.

Both municipal and agricultural demands accounts for billions of gallons of groundwater use each day in support of the Nation's economy. CEC can perform hydrogeologic and engineering design services for groundwater production and groundwater recharge projects and can help you solve the most challenging well field and hydrogeological issues.

CEC provides the following Groundwater Supply, Development and Management services:

CEC provides our clients with a full spectrum of hydrogeology and engineering services to develop and permit a new water supply. We know where to site and how to design and install water supply wells, and we are experts at equipping wells for trouble-free performance. Our success at siting, designing and installing large-diameter production wells also includes obtaining approval for all required environmental and water permits, assisting in right-of-way acquisition, and negotiating water rights on behalf of our clients.

In addition, CEC has the experience to develop groundwater supplies in just about any geologic environment. From bedrock to alluvial water supply wells in typical hydrogeologic conditions to surface water development, Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR), and desalinization of brackish groundwater in tougher hydrogeologic conditions, CEC has the experience to develop and permit a sustainable groundwater supply for any municipal or industrial client.