BMP Testing and Consulting

CEC is dedicated to research and testing related to the protection, restoration, and preservation of ecological and water resources. CEC provides a venue for the development and performance evaluation of water resource management practices, along with surface water treatment techniques and products using both bench-scale and full-scale testing protocols. Both laboratory and field testing services are provided.

NPDES best management practices

Our technical staff is well versed in ASTM and other testing protocols that have been or are becoming the industry norms. Our testing services include construction and post-construction storm water BMP product performance testing for Qualified Products Lists (QPLs) for DOTs, municipalities, and others. Our testing protocols are consistent with NJCAT certification standards.

In addition to performance testing, our senior staff works closely with new product developers to determine and design product modifications that may increase the effectiveness or application of each BMP. Our staff is knowledgeable in the testing protocols as well as the regulatory framework under which they are reviewed.

Our testing services include: